About Earth Wise Nutrition Centers - Torrance, CA

Craig and Lois Hebert, Owners

The Heberts wanted to have a positive impact on their customers and help the quality of people’s lives. They share a passion and commitment to help others improve their health by educating them in the use and benefits of the hundreds of top quality products they sell.

The Heberts pride themselves in counseling and educating their customers on the benefits of natural products. They are constantly surprised and challenged by the misconceptions many people have about natural products and their effectiveness. They have committed themselves to ongoing education and training enabling them to correct this and assist their customers in making the right choices to overcome any current health issues or concerns.

Lois and Craig Hebert are proud to be welcomed to the Viva Family. They feel that the guiding principals and high standards epitomized by Great Earth Vitamins’ products are being continued and improved upon in the Viva Vitamin Products. The Hebert’s have been in the health food industry for 24 years. Craig’s interest in natural products began while he was working as an engineer. His wife, Lois quickly grew to share this interest which led them to purchase a Great Earth Vitamins franchise. This led Lois to earn a certificate in Homeopathy. The store they purchased in 1987 had been an average producer but within 10 years the Hebert’s were able to move that store into being a top producing store.